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Completed Structured Note Client Offerings

Income Notes:

These investments pay a monthly income that is contingent upon the performance of the underlying stock indices 

MS 2.5 Yr 15.25% Contingent Income Note NDX RTY INDU Due 5-23 .pdf

Bank Montreal 15 mo due 9-29-20 12% income.pdf

MS 2.5 Year 8.3% Income SPX DJIA RTY 50% Barrier.pdf

TD Bank 9.28% 1.5 year Contingent Income.pdf

Barclays 2 Yr Callable 11.15% Yield 40% Barrier Note SPX RTY NDX .pdf

MS Finance 15 month 12% Contingent Income Note.pdf

MS Income SPX DJIA RTY 50% Barrier.pdf

MS 1 year Autocallable 15.75% yield Note.pdf

Citi Income Due 10-25-22 10.25 yield.pdf

Growth Notes:

These investments offer enhanced upside participation of a stock index while also offering return of principal or positive returns in the event of underlying stock index declines. 

Credit Suisse- 2.5x EEM SX5E 5 Year 30% Barrier Note.pdf

HSBC 5 Year 210% Uncapped XLI XBI- 30% dual directional.pdf

MS 5 Year 265% Barrier Note SX5E E

JPM Structured Note 5 Yr NDX ARKK 80%.pdf

BNP Paribas XLI XLF 180% Upside 25% Barrier Note.pdf

BNP Paribas Dual Directional 264% XLB VNQ 30% Barrier.pdf

Citigroup 200 worst of Barrier Note 3-25-20.pdf

Digital Notes: These notes will pay a fixed return at maturity based upon the performance of the underlying stock index

JPM -12.65% 12 Mo Digital Barrier Note Worst of SPX RTY INDU.pdf

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