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Market Linked Income Notes

Fixed Income has traditionally been viewed as an asset class that provides principal preservation and periodic income. However, the tradeoff of owning this asset class is that return objectives are often not being met.  For investors that depend upon income and these return objectives being met, this can be a major issue.

Market Linked Income Notes can be a solution and offer the following:

  • Suitable for conservative investors

  • Can provide consistent monthly or quarterly income

  • Provides the potential to earn higher income than traditional fixed income securities

  • Can generate double digit returns in equity market declines up to 30%

  • Provide full principal protection during market declines of 30% or more.

  • Typically mature in 3 years or less.

Why Consider Market-linked Income Notes:

  • Unattractive bond yields

  • Dismal outlook for traditional fixed income returns

  • Potential for enhanced, periodic income

  • Targeted Annual Yields of 9-16%

  • Interested in an investment with a shorter time frame than traditional fixed income securities

  • Looking for equity-like returns with downside protection

Watch our whiteboard video describing how these these unique investments work.

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