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Uncapped Buffered Growth Notes

These investments offer uncapped, enhanced upside participation of a stock index while also offering limited protection from market declines

Watch our whiteboard video describing how these these unique investments work.

List of Recent Completed Offerings

Credit Suisse- 2.5x EEM SX5E 5 Year 30% Barrier Note.pdf

HSBC 5 Year 210% Uncapped XLI XBI- 30% dual directional.pdf

MS 5 Year 265% Barrier Note SX5E E

JPM Structured Note 5 Yr NDX ARKK 80%.pdf

BNP Paribas XLI XLF 180% Upside 25% Barrier Note.pdf

BNP Paribas Dual Directional 264% XLB VNQ 30% Barrier.pdf

Citigroup 200 worst of Barrier Note 3-25-20.pdf

BNP - 5 Yr Barrier Note 330% SX5E EEM - 05601JUD0.pdf

BNP 200% Upside 5 Yr 80% Barrier Note IJR IVW VOT .pdf

BNP - 5 Yr 220% Upside 30% Barrier Note IJR IVW VOT.pdf

BNP - 5 Yr 160% Upside 30% Dual Directional Barrier Note IVW VGT XLK - .pdf

Digital Notes: These notes will pay a fixed return at maturity based upon the performance of the underlying stock index

JPM -12.65% 12 Mo Digital Barrier Note Worst of SPX RTY INDU.pdf

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