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Details Matter: Helping Jim and Laura Plan for Retirement Thumbnail

Details Matter: Helping Jim and Laura Plan for Retirement

Retirement Funding Financial Planning


Through our "Details Matter" planning process, the professionals at Claro Advisors will help solve your financial problems and make your retirement dream a reality.  When you work with us, you can expect to receive a plan that lowers your tax obligations and protects your nest egg while maximizing your retirement income. As experienced advisors and fiduciaries, we are always committed to putting our client's needs first. Below is an example of how we recently helped our clients.

Meet Jim and Laura:

  • Ages: 74/72
  • Income: $90,000 via Pensions and Social Security
  • Assets: $2,300,000

Primary Concerns:

  1. They were unsure of how much money they would need in retirement and wanted help creating an income plan.
  2. Most of their retirement savings hadn't been taxed yet, so they wanted a plan to limit the taxes they would have to pay upon distributions.
  3. They had too much cash, earning very little interest in their bank accounts.
  4. They wanted to ensure their retirement wouldn’t be affected by any large dips in the stock market and wanted to have an income stream that didn't require them to worry about market and world events.
  5. They had done very little estate planning and were still determining how to protect and distribute their generational wealth to their kids and grandchildren.


  1. We put together a year-over-year cash flow report based on projected expenses, inflation, rate of return and longevity.  We also included “what-if” scenarios for moving to another state and periods of low investment returns.
  2. We determined how much of their IRA assets could be converted into tax-free Roth IRAs yearly while minimizing tax obligations.  Building this tax-free nest egg projected to save over $100,000 in taxes while increasing the amount of lifetime retirement assets by $1mm.
  3. We introduced them to cash alternatives paying 10-25x higher yields than their current bank deposits.
  4. We structured their accounts and investments to mitigate any tax implications on their 1099-Div and 1099-R tax forms.  This included implementing tax-efficient investments and determining the most suitable strategy for retirement account withdrawals.
  5. We re-allocated their portfolio for retirement and implemented strategies to buffer and protect against stock market declines. This included strategies that can provide 100% principal protection up to 30-40% market declines.
  6. We were able to increase their amount of projected retirement income by 20% without decreasing their probability for success.
  7. We helped them create an estate plan to distribute their assets to desired beneficiaries while addressing healthcare and Power of Attorney needs. 

Financial Report Summary Screenshot

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