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Case Study: See how Dave and Lucy benefited by changing Financial Advisors Thumbnail

Case Study: See how Dave and Lucy benefited by changing Financial Advisors

Retirement Funding Financial Planning


Through our "Details Matter" planning process, the professionals at Claro Advisors will help solve your financial problems and make your retirement dream a reality.  When you work with us, you can expect to receive a plan that lowers your tax obligations and protects your nest egg while maximizing your retirement income. As experienced advisors and fiduciaries, we are always committed to putting our client's needs first. Below is an example of how we recently helped our clients.

Meet Dave and Lucy:

  • Ages: 67
  • Income: $150,000
  • Assets: $1,500,000

Primary Concerns:

  1.  They were unsatisfied with their current Financial Advisor.  There was no plan in place and they felt all recommendations were reactionary. They experienced steep losses in their portfolio.
  2. Dave was planning to retire and was unsure if his family was financially positioned to stop working.
  3. Most of their retirement savings hadn't been taxed yet, so they wanted a plan to limit the taxes they would have to pay upon distributions.
  4. They thought CDs and annuities were their best option to generate a safe and higher return.
  5. Dave was concerned about world and political events, and wanted limited exposure to the stock market.
  6. He was uncertain as to the best time to start taking Social Security.


  1. We restructured their savings strategy to maximize tax-sheltered assets and reduce taxable income.
  2. We determined how much they needed to have in their nest egg to meet their future retirement expenses. We factored in different inflation scenarios.
  3. We introduced them to cash alternatives that provide higher yields than CDs with a high degree of principal protection.
  4. We determined how much of their IRA assets could be converted into tax-free Roth IRAs yearly while minimizing tax obligations.  
  5. We identified the most suitable time to start Social Security to maximize benefits.
  6. We initiated an "in-kind" transfer of their existing investment holdings and transitioned to the proposed allocation in a tax-efficient manner.
  7. We harvested losses and built a bank of losses that could be used to offset future capital gains.
  8. We re-allocated their portfolio for retirement and implemented strategies to buffer and protect against stock market declines. This included strategies that can provide 100% principal protection up to 30-40% market declines.
  9. We helped them refocus on their estate plan to shore up plan deficiencies.

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